Enterprise Security

Securing the enterprise has become more complex, costly and more important than ever. Organizations are struggling to manage the security risk and the potential for financial, reputational and physical damage have elevated the issue to top of list of concerns for organizations leadership. Commercial and Federal enterprises are facing a growing and aggressive threat environment and the number of cyber threats is growing faster than organizations can defend against. CISOs are struggling with complex regulatory issues (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPI and PCI) including compliance regulations, privacy rules and data protection.

Subscription-based software licensing lowers entry costs to high quality solutions and accommodates an increasingly dynamic and mobile workforce. Leverage IBM’s premier security solutions while spending Opex dollars and conserving your limited Capex dollars – making your budget go further.

IBM Security Solutions delivered as a Subscription Service model is more affordable and Accela / ACI offers the complete line of IBM security software solutions.

  • IBM Qradar -> Security Intelligence incorporates log management, configuration and vulnerability control, anomaly.
  • IBM Big Fix -> Endpoint Management platforms audit, manage, and secure devices that interact with corporate data, independent of the type of device it is or where it is located.
  • IBM MobileFirst Protect -> MobileFirst Protect (MaaS360) is a comprehensive enterprise mobility management suite specifically for security and protection of organizations’ mobile devices, apps and content.
  • IBM AppScan -> Web sites and applications are today’s most important routes to market. By scanning sites and web apps prior to deployment, vulnerabilities are identified and can be remediated.
  • IBM Guardian -> Data activity monitoring prevents unauthorized data access in real time, ensures data integrity and compliance, and controls and protects against internal and external threats.
  • IBM SKLM -> Device encryption key management simplifies the key lifecycle and prevents unanticipated data outages from encryption key expiration on IBM and non-IBM storage platforms.
  • IBM XGS and SiteProtector -> Visibility, management and security analysis of network appliances, servers and endpoints helps you monitor, measure and minimize your exposure to vulnerabilities and threats.
  • IBM Identity and Access -> Automated policy-based user lifecycle management and access control, reduces identity mishaps and includes Federated and Privileged ID controls to reduce access incidents.

Flexibility in a dynamic environment

Subscription service offers you the security you need now, and the flexibility to change with your needs. Adjust user count and required software and ability to expand your security coverage. 

 Is your security strategy what it should be?

We understand that it may be difficult to attract and retain skilled security professionals, leaving you with strained resources.  We leverage the most comprehensive security lineup in the industry with the skills and talent needed to ensure your environment is safe.

 Make your budget go further!

Capex funds are shrinking and the proportionate spend for IT security is increasing.  Accela/ACI's security subscription service offers an alternative procurement approach by leveraging OPEX funds when CAPEX is limited or not available.

 Expand your current security environment and preserve your investment.

 Solution flexibility includes varying degrees of professional services and products. Acela/ACI can enhance your current security environment with new solutions built to include what you have already purchased, preserving your investment.