Exponential data growth and strict regulatory requirements are adding to the complexity of data protection, retention and archiving. Application availability, data protection and long term data retention are top of list concerns of the CIO today. Accela/ACI delivers solutions that simplify business continuity and data management. Organizations of all sizes are concerned with data loss risk, demanding SLA’s and downtime. Accela/ACI can deliver solutions that enable your enterprise to reduce storage requirements while meeting your recovery point objectives (RPO) and recover time objectives (RTO).


  • Maximize Uptime
  • Prevent Outages--Businesses demand 24x365 availability of information with no tolerance for unplanned downtime for many applications and services. 


  • Reduce Risk of Data Loss
  • Ensure Rapid Recovery
  • The threat of data loss is growing in both variety and volume—risking lost revenue, lost productivity, and lost reputation.


  • Retain and Access Data Longer For Less
  • 80% of your data is rarely or never accessed after 90 days of creation.
  • However, its business value requires that it be retained and readily available over time.

Accela/ACI can assist you in developing a disaster recovery plan and implement the required solutions to keep you up and running. Based on your organization’s requirements, our experts can develop a system that fits your particular situation. We can help you design a system of safeguards based on your particular situation. To provide the right solution we will analyze the key factors including:

  • Space—How much storage is required? Do you need to have everything backed up?
  • Time—How quickly do you have to be back up and running? How critical is uptime of services and access to data?
  • Speed—How much bandwidth do you have? Do you have the resources to move large amounts of data? Can you do it during normal business hours?

Depending on your needs and situation, we can implement a variety of options including:

  • Tape backups and removable hard drives that can be stored offsite.
  • Redundant servers and data storage based in our server facilities.
  • Cloud based solutions for data, server, and application hosting and recovery.