Solution Architecture

Building a web, mobile or desktop application involves careful planning of the solution architecture: that is, where the computational power will reside, the load anticipated and future expansion.  Team ACI involves the customer in the design process, designing the solution for longevity as well as ease of maintenance.  Our solution architects each have over 5 years of experience in high volume web transactions, solution API (application programmer interface) and leveraging server configurations with load balancing, database logic, and cloud solutions. The result is, before writing the first line of code, you have a deliberate plan for how a solution will come together, what hardware will be involved, and what your monthly or annual Software as a Service (SaaS) expenses could be.  

Cloud solutions allow you to quickly scale your hardware during peak demand, whether that occurs at a particular time of day, or during the biennial budget review.  

Your project may look at only the solution architecture, in order to start the planning process and await additional funding or to compare among solution alternatives. Team ACI can help you specify the architecture and prepare to receive competitive quotes for the follow-on design, whether it will be accomplished by the Team ACI developers or a different firm. 

Team ACI software architects and solution architects are software experts who advise you on high-level design choices and technical standards, including software coding decisions, tools, and platforms. By combining our hardware and software expertise, we can recommend solutions that minimize your total cost of ownership, from the development budget through annual operating expenses and maintenance.

Multi-layer application architecture