Software Design: Websites, Mobile and Desktop Applications


Our team of hardware and software professionals have worked in numerous industries for all types of applications.  Our development team has over 20 years of experience in advanced software, including numerous analysis and design projects, developmental prototypes, and enterprise software solutions. Our niche has been to bridge the gap between the introduction of emerging information technologies and their effective, profitable use in commercial enterprises. One of this team’s "value adds" is the availability of technology, often including source code, that has already been developed and can be used to accelerate the development and lower the risk on efforts performed for our customers.

Team Accela/ACI offers a broad repertoire of methodologies, procedures, and technical approaches, adding efficiency and control to software development projects. We are keenly aware of what is involved in the development and deployment of successful applications and, thus, the importance of thoroughly defining the objectives, features, and measurable benefits before the development process begins. This applies whether we're helping with a web-based application, mobile, or desktop solution.

We have a reputation for developing practical, cost-effective systems using a variety of database, interface, and connectivity technologies that work. Our down-to-earth, problem-solving approach has received high marks from our customers. This, combined with our specific experience in designing, developing, and deploying advanced custom applications, makes Automation Creations a trusted resource for any project.

We use a variety of scripting and programming languages as well as database options to make the best use of available technology. They include:

  • C.NET
  • Java
  • Python
  • ColdFusion
  • PHP
  • VB and VB.Net
  • REST based or RESTful Web Services
  • iOS and Android
  • Objective C, XCode and Xamarin
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgresQL
  • MySQL 

Team ACI adheres to our own in-house software development process developed around Microsoft’s Solutions Framework methodology. The ACI Process Model was created utilizing industry best practices as an iterative approach to plan, develop and deploy custom designed applications that solve our client’s business needs. The ACI Process Model has been externally appraised as Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMi) Level 3. Our agile process encourages customer involvement throughout the entire development life cycle and builds upon the knowledge gained during each step of the process. The ACI Process Model consists of 5 phases: Envisioning, Planning, Development, Stabilization, and Deployment Phases.

The ACI Process model: Concept, Envisioning, Planning, Developing, Stabilizing, and Deploying Cycle