We believe that your training experience should be visually exciting and interactive. The content of the courses should be challenging and beneficial. The learner should be able to show positive results after completion. We pride ourselves in creating training that has all those qualities. To enable us to create first class training courses, we work directly with you to create the perfect learning solution.

Working together we can develop an understanding of:

  • Learning and business objectives
  • Target audience
  • Nature of the content and its context
  • Different learning approaches
  • Best type of learning interaction
  • Right delivery format


Accela/ACI can create eLearning solutions based on your specific needs. We can start from the beginning while working with you to create the content, or we can take your existing content and turn it into an eLearning course. Click on the videos to see a demo of what eLearning can do for you!

eLearning services we offer:

We create custom eLearning that you can access on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. This enables you to take training anytime, anywhere!

Accela/ACI can also develop a custom learning platform using the Moodle learning management system (LMS). The LMS will allow you to track performance and course completion.

We offer hosting and support services for your eLearning solution so you don't have to worry about it. We will monitor and maintain a secure hosting environment and can provide helpdesk support.

IN-Person Training

Accela/ACI can provide trained, professional instructors that have many years of experience delivering in-person training. Our instructional designers will work with you to create the content for the classes to fit the needs of the audience.

Why in-person training?
In-Person training can be a more intimate environment and it gives the learners time to interact with the instructor and classmates.

Where can in-person training take place?
We can travel to your on-site location or we can facilitate a training location for you. There are many options we can talk to you about.

Can Accela/ACI do virtual instructor-led training?
Yes! We also offer virtual instructor led training. Using a web conferencing tool and a telephone connection (toll free), instructors can teach a traditional classroom course via online. This gives learners the opportunity to ask the instructor questions either by phone or by the online chat feature. These courses can be viewed either with your computer, tablet, or smart phone via an Internet connection! We can customize these courses in any way you like to fit your organization’s needs.

Can you combine types of training?
Using more than one form of training or learning is called Blended Learning. A typical blend would be an eLearning course, followed by an in-person workshop, followed up by a virtual classroom session, then an assessment. This could be over a couple weeks. We can work with you to create a Blended Learning experience that fits your needs.