Big Data

Gain actionable insights from your data.

Data is doubling in size every two years and organizations are harvesting and wanting to use this data to improve market knowledge, competitiveness and organizational effectiveness. The speed of data creation, the many different data sources such as siloed corporate data (CRM, ERP), Web 2.0, social media, rich media and public data sources are compounding the issue.

Traditional data warehouses (DW) and business intelligence (BI) tools don’t provide answers fast enough and can’t easily scale to the hundreds of terabytes or petabytes needed for many big data applications, failing to enable the near real-time approach to big data analytics.

  • Parallel processing systems are expensive to acquire and maintain.
  • Massive amounts of storage and I/O bandwidth are needed to load, store and retrieve data.
  • The speed of data creation is such there are not enough hours in the day to load it into the database.

Accela/ACI delivers big data analytics platforms that are comprehensive, scalable, open and secure, addressing 100 percent of the data, transforming that data into knowledge, and delivers that knowledge at the right time and place to all those in the organization who need it.