Management and Support
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Project Planning/Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Software Testing
  • Professional Writing

Requirements Gathering

Accela/ACI helps with the full spectrum of software development and new information technology. Every engagement begins with requirements gathering-even if you have already done this, Accela/ACI needs to understand your business goals and requirements. What capabilities are necessities, and what is nice-to-have? What are the security requirements, and who will be using the software? Can you save money by implementing a solution in phases? Often a phased approach is easier on the budget and gives you the chance to adjust requirements early.

If desired, Accela/ACI can be engaged only in the requirements gathering phase, helping you produce a request for proposals (RFP), or kick off an internal development project. In this case, deliverables we can work towards include a requirements traceability matrix (RTM), mapping your requirements to the solution functionality. We can produce a high-level architecture document, outlining the solution implementation and methodologies, a comparative study of similar solution best practices, and/or a rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimate.

Accela/ACI can design mockups and non-functional prototypes that help your team think through the application flow and user interface considerations. Going further, the requirements stage may also directly lead to an initial work breakdown structure (WBS) and project work schedule (PWS).

The process of developing new applications can be overwhelming. Accela/ACI has the experience and talent to help it all make sense and get it done on time.

Helping you produce:

  • Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM)


Project Planning / Project Management

Software Development Process

The Accela/ACI Process Model was created utilizing industry best practices as an iterative approach to plan, develop, and deploy custom designed applications that solve our client’s business needs. Our process encourages customer involvement throughout the entire development life cycle and builds upon the knowledge gained during each step of the process. Each area of our process contains important information for both the Accela/ACI development team and our clients as well.

Envisioning Phase – During this phase, the development team, typically led by the Project Manager, will work closely with the client to gather project requirements, define features, and create prototypes. At the end of this phase, the client will receive a copy of the Vision/Scope document. This document represents the ideas and decisions developed during this phase. It helps achieve team & client consensus on the proposed solution as well as define areas included and excluded from the solution. The client must review and approve the completed Vision/Scope document before any further work is done on this project. As mentioned above, this is an iterative process and the document may be revised before both the client and team come to a consensus. Once the document has been signed, this becomes the basis for planning the project.

Planning Phase – During this phase, the Project Manager will plan the development of the project based on requirements and features detailed in the Vision/Scope document. The project plan will include a WBS (work breakdown structure), schedule, communication plan, test plan, and deployment plan. The planning phase helps facilitate an understanding of the overall approach for the project as well as helps identify any gaps or inconsistencies. Once planning is finished, the team is ready to move into development.

Development Phase – During this phase, the team completes the graphic designs based on the approved prototypes and performs the detailed programming tasks outlined in the Vision/Scope feature sets. Upon completion of all design and development tasks, the Project Manager performs an audit of the project. This audit compares project specifications to what was actually developed. If any discrepancies are noted, they are corrected. After the audit is completed successfully, the project moves into the stabilization phase.

Stabilization Phase – During this phase, the team will execute the test plan created during the planning phase. Accela/ACI can offer additional testing such as usability or load testing upon the request of the client. Additional testing must be added to the project schedule and budget. Upon completion of successful testing, the project will move into the deployment phase.

Deployment Phase – During this phase, the fully functional application will be deployed to the production site and become ready for use. The client will be asked to sign a project completion document.

After the product is successfully delivered to our client, Accela/ACI will continue to guarantee our delivered solution for an indefinite period. While hosting with us, you may find issues or bugs that are a result of the development of your software by ACI. If an issue is determined to be a result of Accela/ACI's development work on your website, these issues will be dealt with at no charge. If an issue is determined to be the result of other changes by you, or otherwise the result of issues outside of our control, you will be billed hourly for time spent resolving the issue.

Search Engine Optimization

Accela/ACI can assist you with search engine optimization (SEO), keyword targeting, and paid online ads. We can help you improve organic search results and improve search engine placement. We will work with you to:

  • Define and target relevant keywords and phrases
  • Implement a strategy for the placement of these keywords and phrases
  • Recommend site improvements to maximize search results
  • Set up Google Adwords and manage search placement
  • Set up and maintain a paid Google keyword campaign based on your budget

We utilize industry best practice during website design to maximize organic placements by:

  • Configuring a dynamic site map
  • Implementing keyword rich page titles
  • Setting up link exchanges
  • Creating metadata
  • Software Testing

 Software Development and Testing

Accela/ACI can provide complete software development services. This includes full life-cycle testing. We deliver software quality assurance (SQA) so that you may benefit from a combination of testing, consulting, and process improvement during all project stages. Accela/ACI utilizes a number of in-house and commercial off-the-shelf products (Selenium, JUnit/NUnit, etc.) to conduct numerous testing and SQA processes.

We offer:

  • Quality Assurance to define and improve the quality related processes and procedures to ensure a quality end product.
  • Quality Control to evaluate and estimate the product and ensure everything meets your expectations.
  • Continuous Testing to identify, resolve, and prevent future defects in the application.

Professional Writing

Accela/ACI can make beautiful websites, powerful software tools, and custom mobile apps. We can also fill these products with informative and engaging written copy. In fact, we can provide a wide variety of professional and business writing services. Whether you need full writing support for a large project, covering everything from user interface text to product marketing copy, or you just need help with a single proposal or updating your Twitter feed, Accela/ACI has the copywriting and editing skills you need. We can manage and produce superior results for every stage of the writing process including planning, research, drafting, final review/editing, and publishing online or in print.

Here are some of the things we can do to help you reach your writing project goals:

Technical Writing

Our experts have experience writing and editing software documentation, user manuals, training tutorials and guides, customer support websites, and technical copy in scientific, engineering, and IT industries. Whether you need a step-by-step guide for your mobile app or proofreading of your research papers, our attention to detail delivers high quality.

Marketing Writing

Writing compelling, informative copy that will sell a product, maximize search engine optimization (SEO), and not come across as repetitive nonsense and marketese is a fine art. No matter what your business or organization needs, profit or nonprofit, you need to convert your audience to succeed. Accela/ACI can help you research your audience, analyze the qualities of your product or service, and craft a message that reaches and engages the customer.

Business Writing

Accela/ACI can assist you with creating business plans, RFPs, proposals, business forms, billing correspondence, company newsletters, employee handbooks, press releases, or anything you may need for written communication.

Social Media

There are several keys to using social media effectively. You need to maintain regular, consistent messaging. You should do more than post updates; it is an opportunity to engage with and learn about your customers, peers, and even competitors. Writing informative and compelling copy and posting it without errors is also important. The right strategy, consistency, and precision in execution can have a strong, positive influence on your brand. Accela/ACI can provide a complete program with posting schedules, copywriting, customer feedback management, and more for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or even private intranets. We can also research, write, and edit blog posts and news feeds.

Varied Media Publishing

All of our professional writing services are available for any publication medium. We can provide the content and publication assistance for online, print, or any other form of distribution. Accela/ACI can provide research, copywriting, and editing services whether you need it for a website, brochure, signage, or even skywriting.